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14.08.2012 12:58
Skill Cup day
 Hello 11x11 Community,
Today,  14th, 2012 - we have a Skill-Cup-Day  for you organized. The Skill Cups are 2pm, 3pm , 4pm , 5pm , 9pm , 10pm and 11pm. (German Time Zone)
The cups can be found in the "Action" category and gain 500% experience points for all your players in all matches.
Of course, these tournaments are divided into level areas and will start with this sizes:
Skill Beginner's Cup - Level 0-2 (16 players)
Skill Super League Cup - Level 3 (16 players)
Skill Master League Cup - Level 4 (16 players)
Skill Inter League Cup - Level 5 (16 players)
Skill Champions League Cup - Level 6 (16 players)
Skill Extra League Cup - Level 7 (16 players)
Skill Alpha League Cup - Level 8 (16 players)
Skill Nano League Cup - Level 9-10 (16 players)
All tournaments can be found in the "Action" tournaments category
We hope you will have a lot of fun with these tournaments.
Best regards
Maître Yoda, Nekki Community Manager
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